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The Gilneas City Project - A World of Warcraft Fanart

on Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:17 pm
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As part of our first graded 3D project at SAE Institute Hamburg, our team created a city based on and inspired by 'Gilneas', the Worgen capital city from World of Warcraft.

As one of the team leads I was responsible for organisation, buildings most of the prop assets, texturing and modelling the main parts of the classic buildings. Thanks so much for everyone who worked with me!

Group members:

Björn Lundt
Sebastian Bär
Marvin Heymann
Steffen Hampel
Jonas Ganser
Evangelos Kapouranis
Alexander Vinevcev
Alexander Sahling

Cinematic by Steffen Hampel
Soundtrack: World of Warcraft OST - A Call To Arms

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