Guide to Highmaul Raid Follower Missions

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Guide to Highmaul Raid Follower Missions

Post by Ðemì on Fri 26 Dec 2014, 7:57 pm

Many people’s ultimate goal in the follower minigame will likely be to regularly complete the Highmaul missions from your Warlords of Draenor Garrison that award raid gear. Here is a more detailed guide of ways you can plan your follower team towards this goal. 

This assumes you know the basics of leveling and gearing followers, and designed to contain specific advice for people trying to refine their squad for Highmaul. 

To learn more about follower basics, check out the Warlords of Draenor Followers Guide

Hamlet is a special guest author who has written the Restoration Druidand Balance Druid guides on Wowhead, as well as the healing section and videos for the Proving Grounds Silver Guide. Hamlet can be found on Twitter at HamletEJ and maintains a variety of healing projects on his blog.

Table of Contents

Highmaul Mission Basics

The important fact is that there only 4 Highmaul missions the game can choose from.

  • Once you have a team of 3 followers at ilvl 645 that solves each of the 4 missions, you can rest until new mission content is added in the future.

  • You don’t need a large army of geared epic followers to get the best rewards--you need at most 12 (but likely less due to some being useful on multiple missions) if you correctly pick out your most important people early in the gearing process. You might not be able to plan precisely, since some of your followers might take time to level to epic to see all their traits, but you should be able to narrow your options down quite a bit.

These are the 4 Highmaul missions, and some labels I’ve given them for ease of reference:

Each mission actually has 4 variants with different reward levels depending on your main character's raid progression (see below), but the enemies don’t change.

Highmaul Mission Rewards

There are four tiers of rewards, which are based on your number of boss kills at a certain difficulty:

  • You receive missions that reward  Cache of Highmaul Treasures which contains ilvl 655 Normal loot, by default.

  • Your missions will start to reward  Cache of Highmaul Treasures, which contains ilvl 670 Heroic loot, once your character has 15 boss kills in Normal Mode Highmaul.

  • Your missions will start to reward  Cache of Highmaul Treasures, which contains ilvl 685 Mythic loot, once your character has 15 boss kills in Heroic Mode Highmaul.

  • To get an additional 1,000 in addition to the Mythic loot, you need 15 boss kills in Mythic Highmaul.

These containers can contain all armor from Highmaul, but not weapons.

Increasing Mission Success Chance

Each mission has 6 abilities, and one secondary property (swamp/plains/ogre/gronn) that can be countered.

  • If you counter all 6 abilities (2 from each of 3 ilvl 645 epic followers), you will have 100% success chance.

  • If you can only counter 5 abilities, you will start at 85% success chance. To that you can add:

So your goal is to have all 6 abilities covered, which requires some specific ability pairings on 3 of your epic followers, or 5 of 6 with multiple secondary bonuses.

Abilities and Counters

There’s no way to provide a specific list of followers in a guide, since each epic follower’s second ability is determined randomly for each player. It will largely be up to you to start matching your followers’ ability pairs to the abilities in the above list to see who fits together to cover 5 or 6 abilities in each list. There are various things you can look out for though.

  • 3 missions have a doubled threat. The Plains mission has 2x Deadly Minions, the Ogre mission has 2x Timed Battle, and the Gronn mission has 2x Group Damage. In order to fully cover one of these missions, you need multiple followers with the relevant ability and a useful pairing. Followers with these traits are good candidates to always level to epic.

    • Group Damage is rarer than most for the Horde, being a starting ability on only 2 easily-accessible followers ( Leorajh andSoulbinder Tuulani), plus Cleric Maluuf and Fiona if you are Alliance. It can also only appear as a second ability for epic followers who have healer specs. Beyond that, you have to resort to Trading Post rep followers (Cacklebone or Vindicator Heluun) or the Tavern headhunter. Group Damage doesn’t appear anywhere outside the Gronn mission. You should level Leorajh and Tuulani to epic early on to see if they gain abilities that are useful for the Gronn mission.

  • Some ability pairings are repeatedly useful. 3 of the missions have both Wild Aggression and Danger Zones. 3 of the missions have both Deadly Minions and Timed Battle. If you have an epic with either of those pairings, they will likely be part of your solution for multiple missions and are good to gear up to ilvl 645 first. Various other other pairs appear in 2 of the missions.

  • Blook is almost certain to be useful. He comes with Timed Battle, useful on 3 of the missions, as well as the unique  Combat Experience bonus. Any of the second abilities he can roll as a Fury Warrior (Minion Swarms, Powerful Spell, Danger Zones, and Massive Strike) also appear at 1 or 2 of those missions. Level and gear him early.

  • Phylarch the Evergreen and Nat Pagle both start with Deadly Minions, and both have a unique trait with the hidden property of countering Swamp ( Evergreen and  Angler). Either of them is a good candidate for the Swamp mission (which includes Deadly Minions), or other missions if they roll a good second ability.

Useful Traits

The only traits that are useful are:

  • Racial preferences (depending on whether you have any candidate teammates of the relevant race)

  •  Marshwalker Plainsrunner Ogreslayer, or  Gronnslayer. But each trait is only useful if the follower’s ability supports the relevant mission. For example, on a follower with Group Damage, Gronnslayer is nice, but Marshwalker is likely meaningless.

  •  High Stamina: Be careful about the  High Stamina/ Epic Mount interaction.  Epic Mount is generally not desired on your Highmaul team, since the time it takes you to complete the mission doesn’t especially matter. It’s possible that if you have many people with  Burst of Power and none with  High Stamina Epic Mount will be helpful, but this is an edge case.

Applying These Rules

As I mentioned, it is largely up to you to apply these rules to your own team based on what abilities you roll. This should all give some guidance as to you want to get to epic first. 

The phase where it will be the most use is once you have a number of epics and people at the 615 or 630 gear levels, and you have to figure out who to start giving your best gear to and which of your non-epic followers to keep active for leveling purposes. At that point is it best to simply sit down with the above list of the 4 Highmaul missions and your follower list, and see what you’re missing. 

For example, if you have 2 epics that counter 4 of the 6 abilities at some mission, the people with one of the remaining two abilities are prime candidates for pushing to epic to see if they roll the ability they need. Similar logic can tell you where you should use  Follower Re-training Certificate if you get one. Remember that not every ability is open to every follower; they are restricted by the follower’s class. Consult the chart in the Warlords of Draenor Follower Guide to make sure a follower can even have the abilities you want before leveling or rerolling them.

When to Start Missions

Finally, one decision you have to make is when you actually start doing Highmaul missions. You get the first one when you raise a few followers to ilvl 645 (most people report 2 or 3), and roughly every 2 weeks after that. Things to keep in mind:

  • It’s better to have some follower tokens banked up so that you can see which mission you get and then level appropriate followers to 645. You do have a few days to do the mission during which you can acquire more ilvl upgrades, but it’s probably better to have some on hand rather than pushing to 645 as soon as it’s first possible.

  • Raise followers that are likely to be useful at multiple missions to 645 first. e.g. Blook, and people with some of the ability pairings mentioned above.

  • If you’re about to unlock a higher tier of reward by killing more Normal or Heroic Highmaul raid bosses, you may want to wait until after that raid to trigger your first mission so you get the higher reward right away. Don’t delay more than a few days or it defeats the purpose.


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