Jumping Puzzles in Draenor, Group Finder UI Changes, Dark Portal Updates, Bashiok NPC

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Jumping Puzzles in Draenor, Group Finder UI Changes, Dark Portal Updates, Bashiok NPC

Post by Nightmare on Thu 24 Jul 2014, 9:46 pm

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Jumping Puzzles in Draenor
There are a few jumping puzzles that we've found in Draenor, and to welcome Lead Quest Designer Craig Amai to Twitter, and to our Wowhead Blue Tweet Tracker, we thought we would show you the few puzzles we've found, as apparently Craig may be one of the designers behind them

Crag Leaping
This was by far the hardest puzzle we've found so far. It required short jumps to ascend, and several attempts, with short jumps and even backward ones! Getting to the top revealed a Crag-Leaper's Cache, containing  Crag-Leaping Boots, along with some gold and Garrison resources. It looks like there may be the potential for a rare to appear behind the chest, too. This puzzle is at the eastern end of Daggermaw Ravine.


Certainly compared to the Crag Leaping, this was very straightforward indeed. Simply hop off the waterfall edge of Moonwillow Peak in Shadowmoon Valley onto the purple tree-trunk, then run and jump up the rocky path to Hypnocroak's cave. If you miss a jump and fall, you will have a long run back! Hypnocroak himself was equally straightforward, just make sure you turn away from his  Hypnotic Gaze! He dropped  Hypnosis Goggles, with which you can entrance Critters to follow you! 


Circle of Blood's Best Seats
This is almost too straightforward to really be called a jumping puzzle, but it requires you to jump at least once, and rewards a chest! Simply climb to the top of the tower, and leap onto the platform. It rewards a chest containing some alcohol, some gold, and a block of ice which quickly melts in your bag!

Dark Portal Updates
The Dark Portal in Tanaan Jungle has had some textures and sky effects added, and is considerably redder! 

Group Finder Updates on Warlords Beta
Since we last posted about the Warlords of Draenor Group Finder UI, there have been a few visual updates. You can see these below, all that has changed is that the buttons are now far prettier, and the PvP section of the UI has had a lot added to it, rather than just allowing groups for certain types of PvP like it did before.

Bashiok NPC
Reward Systems Designer Russ Petersen has tweeted teasing a Bashiok NPC! Bashiok is a Botani, you can hear his sounds and the like on our page, and it therefore seems likely he is located in Gorgrond
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