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Patch 7.3.5 Content Hub Empty Patch 7.3.5 Content Hub

on Mon Jun 11, 2018 12:21 am
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Patch 7.3.5 Content Hub Sword-of-sargeras

Patch 7.3.5 Overview
Welcome to our Patch 7.3.5 content hub for all PTR datamining and discoveries! Here we will outline all of the important content coming in the latest World of Warcraft: Legion patch, with links to Wowhead's PTR coverage, guides, tools, and database.

Be sure to follow @Wowhead and @perculia for tweets on the 7.3.5 PTR coverage.

Also give Wowhead's Youtube channel a subscribe if you like our coverage--we've been regularly updating it with videos of 3D Models, zones, and more!

Release Date?

Blizzard has announced the release date! Patch 7.3.5 goes live January 16th (US) and January 17th (EU). Below is our original speculation on when the patch could launch - we predicted the 16th.
No official release date for Patch 7.3.5 has been announced. However the final Antorus LFR wing opens January 16th and there are PTR mounts Patch 7.3.5 Content Hub Inv_misc_qirajicrystal_04 Sapphire Qiraji Resonating Crystal and Patch 7.3.5 Content Hub Inv_misc_qirajicrystal_02 Ruby Qiraji Resonating Crystal for the Call of the Scarab micro-holiday on the 21st.

There is a lot of Allied Race data in the 7.3.5 PTR, and while this could point to getting Early Access via Battle for Azeroth preorders (similar to Demon Hunters and Legion), they will likely not be available at the start of 7.3.5. There has been no official statement from Blizzard on the Allied Race data, except that it is a Battle for Azeroth feature.

We've written a post speculating that Patch 7.3.5 could go live on January 16th.

Leveling Revamp

The outdoor and dungeon leveling experience receives major changes in Patch 7.3.5:

  • Zone Scaling: The quests in each zone will scale up to a cap. However, the minimum level for each zone varies from zone to zone and you'll need to achieve a certain level before starting certain zones. In addition, they are now letting you do certain expansions in a different order if you choose.
  • Additional Leveling Changes: The experience required to hit level 60 has increased, heirlooms award fewer stats at low levels, mobs have higher health pools, and the low-level flying trainer requirements are streamlined.

New Legendary Acquisition Method

Zone Updates


  • Trial of Style Season 2: New rewards for this transmogrification holiday are more interesting than their Season 1 counterparts--they are recolors of popular sets, or complete versions of formerly-incomplete sets.
  • New Quest Weapon Appearances: As part of the leveling revamp, many low-level quests have weapons added, to aid those without heirlooms. However many of these weapons serve a transmogrification purpose, as they resemble weapons removed in Cataclysm or are brand-new recolors.

Ulduar Timewalking

New Content

Retiring Artifact Weapons

  • Retiring Artifact Weapons: At some point in 7.3.5, likely towards the end of the patch, we will experience an in-game cinematic explaining why we stop using artifact weapons. Players are concerned what will happen to the hunter artifact pet Hati, and have made a Save Hati petition.
  • We've also datamined a UI effect for Artifact Weapon Instability, implying that our Artifact Weapons lose power over time.




Cinematics and cutscenes are some of the most anticipated content of a new patch. So far we have datamined the following:

Allied Races

Allied Races are a new feature announced at BlizzCon 2017 for Battle for Azeroth. However, four of the races have significant data updates in the 7.3.5 PTR data, so we are including them in this post. We do not know when these races are available. However, based on past history with Demon Hunters and preorders, one can speculate these Allied Races will be available to play as part of Battle for Azeroth preorder, sometime after 7.3.5 goes live but before Battle for Azeroth proper.

  • Unlock Requirements: To unlock each Allied Race, you must complete a relevant quest achievement and hit Exalted with the related faction. This achievement is marked as account-wide progress. You must also have a level 110 on that server, and have Battle for Azeroth purchased, to create that Allied Race.
  • Allied Race Character Creation Screen Requirements: Through datamining, we learned you need to have Battle for Azeroth purchased, and completion of the Allied Race Quest achievement (eg Patch 7.3.5 Content Hub Achievement_alliedrace_voidelf Allied Races: Void Elf) to create that Allied Race.
  • Allied Race Customization: Wowhead's Dressing Room supports full customization of the Void Elf, Highmountain Tauren, Lightforged Draenei, and Nightborne Allied Races.
  • Jokes and Flirts: We have videos and transcriptions of all the jokes and flirts for the Allied Races!
  • Racials and Mounts: Each Allied Race has a set of unique racials and mount.
  • Heritage Armor: For reaching 110 on an Allied Race without a leveling boost, you receive a highly-detailed cosmetic armor set.
    There may also be matching weapons and tabards.


Highmountain Tauren

Lightforged Draenei

Void Elves

Dark Iron and Zandalari

Not much is known about the Dark Iron and Zandalari Allied Races. From the official website:
Even more allies await in unexplored lands. As heroes of the Alliance adventure through Kul Tiras, they’ll have a chance to recruit the Dark Iron Dwarves. In Zandalar, champions of the Horde can convince the Zandalari Trolls to join them.
These will likely be available at a later point in Battle for Azeroth. We know a few details about these races:

  • Their heritage armor sets were revealed at BlizzCon 2017.
  • Zandalari can be Druids and their travel form is a raptor.
  • Blizzard is considering Death Knights for Dark Iron Dwarves.
  • Racials, customization options, mounts, and unlock requirements are unknown.

Class Changes

  • Mythic+ Combat Resurrection Change: In an interview with Forbes two months ago, Morgan Day announced they were looking at how combat resurrections function in Mythic+ Dungeons. Now on the 7.3.5 PTR, combat resurrections are a shared resource in Mythic+ Dungeons, recharging every 10 minutes.
  • Hunters have many new pets to tame in the upcoming patch!

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Patch 7.3.5 Content Hub Empty Re: Patch 7.3.5 Content Hub

on Mon Jun 11, 2018 12:26 am
great guide, it helped me. thank you
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