New Player Guide: Mists of Pandaria Content Overview

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New Player Guide: Mists of Pandaria Content Overview

Post by Drip on Fri 21 Mar 2014, 4:39 pm

Today we're taking another look at WoW through the eyes of a boosted 90. Earlier in the week, we published a guide to essentials for boosted 90s including gearing tips, raid details, professions, and currency overviews. 

This guide presents an overview of other new types of content added in Mists of Pandaria, in case you've been away from the game a bit or want a break from the gear grind.

Before we dive into the guide, be sure to check out our 1-60 Leveling Guide if you want to boost a character but would like them to hit 60 first for the profession boost as well! Also check out our guide to Boosted 90 Essentials to read up on raiding, professions, and the legendary questline.

Click the cut to get started!
Account-Wide Rewards
In Mists of Pandaria, most rewards are now account-wide--titles, mounts, pets, and achievements. This is a lot more alt-friendly than in the past, where you had to farm up the rewards you wanted on each character.

  • Mounts: All mounts are account-wide save for a few restrictions--mounts from Gladiator PvP, Rated Battlegrounds, Challenge Modes, and class-specific rewards. Riding skills and  Cloud Serpent Ridingare not account-wide, so you will need the appropriate riding skill to ride some distinctive mounts.

    Check out our mount gallery for more details!

  • An account-wide title is unlocked when you hit the minimum level required for your initial character to earn it. For example, level 80+ characters can wear The Kingslayer since that's the minimum level to kill The Lich King.

    Several titles are not account-wide: Arena and RBG titles, as well as realm-first Challenge Modes. For a full list of titles, check out ourTitles Database.

  • Your achievement total is now account-wide, meaning that multiple characters can work on different achievements and it will count towards one total number. 

    For many meta-achievements, progress is now account-wide as well. For example, two characters can work on seven different achievements each for  Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider and you will complete the achievement. Criteria within an achievement is not account-wide, such as  Lasers and Magnets and Drills! Oh My! or wins for  Master of Silvershard Mines.

    To learn more about achievements, check out our Achievement Database and filters.

  • Vanity pets, which we cover in more detail below, are now battle pets. Your previous pets from past expansions now have battle pet stats and abilities, listed on a UI panel along with mounts. You can summon these companion pets as usual, but with Battle Pet training, they are vicious as well.

  • Very recently, Blizzard introduced account-wide cross-faction mail. This means that you can now send all heirlooms and Timeless Isle BoA tokens to any of your alts--no restrictions. For a full list of account-wide items you can mail, check out this item list.

Battle Pets
Pet battling is an extensive new feature in Mists of Pandaria. You can collect pets, fight teams in the wild or other players, and try to beat special tamer challenges--NPCs with tricky pet teams.

  • To collect pets, you can acquire pets the same way you did before--achievement rewards, vendors, world drops, etc--or you can battle unique wild pets found in every zone.

  • Pets have a wide array of abilities and come in 10 families which are strong/weak against other specific pet families and have unique passive abilities, like  Aquatic.

  • To level up pets, simply defeat wild pets or other players with battle pet teams. Defeating higher-level teams will give you more experience, and trainer teams are always a reliable source of experience. As you level your pets up, they will unlock more abilities.

  • Battle pets, even of the same type, can have many variations in stats which are due to several factors.

    • Quality: Pet qualities are poor, common, uncommon, and rare. You can upgrade a pet to rare quality with special Battle-Stones, which are found in pet reward satchels or bags from doing LFR or Flex.
    • Base Stats: Each pet species starts off with a distinctive amount of base stat points (Health, Power, Speed), which affects formula calculations for their stats and abilities.
    • Breed: There are ten possible breeds used for pet calculations. Breeds affect how a pet's stats are allocated as they level up, and each pet has a set list of possible breeds they can be.
    • For more details on pet stats, check out Cymre's guide.

  • Once you're comfortable with your team, you can fight battle pet trainers for daily quests. User ishirra has an extensive guide to all the dailies involving pet battles, maps, and how to unlock the dailies. These trainers are found all over the world and some have potential interesting rewards like  Porcupette and  Darkmoon Eye. You can also power-level new pets by letting it soak up XP as two strong pets take out a trainer team.

  • The ultimate Pet Battle challenge is the Celestial Tournament, which can only be completed once per week, per account. To enter, you need 15 Battle pets that are level 25, and the opposing trainer teams are tough! User mel9525 has an amazing guide on how to beat the tournament. For beating the tournament, you get  Celestial Coin which is used to buy cute mini-Celestial pets like  Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen.

  • Our Battle Pet Team Calculator lets you plan our your pet teams and provides a summary of its strengths and weaknesses. You can also import your team from and compare it against a custom team or a Pet Trainer team.

  • Since abilities hit for different amounts based on the pet, breed, and quality, our pet ability pages have several sliders and options allowing you to scale the abilities to see their exact amounts.

  • The Same Model As tab lets you see similar pets that may be easier to get.

  • Each battle pet page includes a map showing locations for wild pets, as well as a stat calculator showing all the possible variations a pet can come in.

  • Our Battle Pet Database has numerous filters as well as an image gallery view.

  • You can track your pet completion progress with the Profiler to see what pets you still need to collect and level up.

We also have a great selection of Battle Pet Guides created by Wowhead users like Battle Pets and Where to Find Them by Drahken, and also don't forget to check out WarcraftPets for even more tools!
Mists of Pandaria offers tons of rare spawns and hidden objects to discover, more so than past expansions.

  • Players who loot hidden rare spawn objects are rewarded with The Relic Hunter title. There are a ton of BoA weapons your level 85-89s can use, as well as some vanity recipes like  Four Senses Brew

    For a comprehensive look at the title and items, check out our Relic Hunter Guide.

  •  Treasure of Pandaria provides each of your characters with1,875 and some experience. You fly around Pandaria looting items, but unlike The Relic Hunter, these items are expensive grey items that vendor for a lot, and are personal spawns--they are always up and you don't need to fight other players to loot it. 

    To see the locations for all of these items, check out our Riches of Pandaria guide.

  • Each patch has introduced new rare spawns. For a complete look at rare spawns and their vanity rewards, check out Lore's Rare Elites of Pandaria Guide.

  • Like the location from the Mists of Pandaria trailer? Now you can visit it in-game, with  Restore Balance.

  • The The Lorewalkers is a faction that encourages players to go out into the world and discover scrolls that describe Pandaria's history. When you've discovered all the scrolls for a certain story, an achievement is unlocked and you can now watch Lorewalker Cho re-enact that story for you. To see all the locations for Lorewalker scrolls, check out our Lorewalker's Guide.

Level 90 Outdoor Content

Isle of Giants
The Isle of Giants is a wild untamed zone filled with dinosaurs.

Isle of Thunder
The Isle of Thunder offers PvE and PvP daily quests, rare spawns, and numerous achievements.

For more details on this zone, check out our Isle of Thunder Guide.
Timeless Isle
The Timeless Isle is an innovative zone that merges different types of content together--gearing up new players, a difficult reputation grind, World PvP, vanity item farming, and world bosses.

To learn more about the Timeless Isle, check out our extensive guide.
Reputation Grinds
Reputations added in Mists of Pandaria used to be time-consuming to grind and were required if you wanted to purchase certain ilvl 489 epics. Fortunately, this system has been simplified recently!

Currently, most reputations rewards epics which cost  Justice Pointsand have a few unique vanity items. If you already have a character that is Revered with a faction, you can purchase a Grand Commendationwhich will speed up all reputation gains for that faction by 100%. You can also kill Zandalari Warbringers on a geared character, since they drop BoA reputation insignias like  Stolen Golden Lotus Insignia.

Below is a list of our Mists of Pandaria reputation guides, which cover rewards, achievements, and ways to gain reputation:

Of particular note are Order of the Cloud Serpent and The Tillers--these can help your character even if you're not interested in vanity items, plus they're pretty unique as far as reputations go.

  •  Cloud Serpent Riding is not an account-wide skill, so if you want to ride Cloud Serpents on your alt, you'll need to hit Exalted withOrder of the Cloud Serpent. You can farm up eggs in the style of Netherwing, or do the cute daily quests where you watch a baby cloud serpent grow and participate in cloud serpent races.

  • The Tillers is a complex faction in which gaining reputation makes your own personal farm more powerful. You can plant vegetables used to cook food, as well as bulbs that turn into different profession reagents. As  Spirit of Harmony are not BoA, if you want these for any reason, you're best off planting  Songbell Seed on your farm. In addition, you can collect special tokens in hidden dirt piles around Pandaria to gain friendship levels with many levels of the Tiller NPCs, who will then decorate your farm!

There are also several reputations you'll want to pay attention to if you're interested in recipes--The August Celestials and Shado-Pan for Enchanting, Golden Lotus for Tailoring and Leatherworking, Order of the Cloud Serpent for Jewelcrafting, and Order of the Cloud Serpentfor Blacksmithing.
Small Group Challenges
While Mists of Pandaria did not add new dungeons during the course of the expansion, there were Challenge Modes for players seeking tricky dungeons, as well as smaller scenarios which provide more insights into Pandaria's backstory. Currently, both options are great ways to get Valor Points.

Solo Challenges
Mists of Pandaria has several types of content that challenge players one-on-one. Proving Grounds are a pure test of skill, while Brawler's Guild provides players with quirky fights in a public setting that get easier with gear.

  • Proving Grounds are a good place to experiment with your class and spec. Proving Grounds lets players try out solo tank, healing, or dps challenges in a comfortable setting--you aren't surrounded by anyone watching. Gear is scaled down to ilvl 463, so you don't have to worry about feeling undergeared for challenging content--although based on scaling tech, gear with sockets is optimal.

    Proving Grounds will be updated for Warlords of Draenor, where Silver will be required to random queue for a heroic dungeon.

    Players can try out Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Endless Challenges--Endless Wave 30 rewards Proven DefenderProven Assailant, andProven Healer titles based on spec.

    Wowhead's Proving Grounds Guide covers maps for each Gold and Endless wave, basic tips, and descriptions of all the enemy mobs for all three challenges.

  • Once you've gotten some better gear, check out the Brawler's Guild. With an invitation, you can queue up to fight dozens of wacky bosses in a Fight Club atmosphere. Each fight only lasts 2 minutes, so it will get easier with gear--although, of course, a good strategy and knowledge of your class can shave off seconds as well!

    Rewards include a unique mount ( Brawler's Burly Mushan Beast), pet, and title, as well as vanity shirts for defeating special Challenge bosses.

    Our Brawler's Guild Guide covers all the basics including obtaining invitations, special consumables, rewards, an overview of the boss fights, and achievements. We also have two great user guides covering the boss fights--Rank 1-7 by Okacz and Rank 8-10 by Pwuebear.


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