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Post by Heyro on Sun 23 Feb 2014, 9:29 pm

Work in Progress
We got a great template in the making! Some nice 3D renders and some great info graphics combined!
Have a look at some style frames:

Coming Soon Elefont!
We have made our first animated font! Its called elefont. It’s an alphabet that is customizable, you can change the letter with, colors, and shadow. So with just one font you can create a bunch of different looks. All customization can be done inside of After Effects with simple presets. Have a look at some of the looks you can get in minutes with elefont:

New Vertical Scroll Template!!
A awesome different kind of template with some fun illustrations!

Cinema 4D Lite with new After Effects!
Exciting stuff happening! With the new version of After Effects CS7 you will get a free Lite version of Cinema 4D. I know Adobe is updating faster than you can download the updates but hey, so be it, CS7 it is. It also will have a awesome plugin called Cineware which will integrate C4D in After Effects. You will be able to open your C4D files inside of After Effects WITHOUT rendering.. whatup! That is going to be insanely quick compositing, you could just quickly see how things look without 100 hours of rendering. I found a video from Motionworks explaining the in’s en out’s:

After Effects: Cineware & Cinema 4D Lite from Motionworks on Vimeo.

We have a great new template online!
Use this template to explain your business in under 60 seconds!

I have been doing some 3D modeling for some product advertisements. Here is a little preview:

I wondered how it would be to have a pet shark:-)

Pet Shark from Marc Eijkelenboom on Vimeo.

I just came across this on vimeo, a great message and amazing visuals!

Mass Construction from Chris Soyer on Vimeo.

February sales last week!

After Effects Videos first sale is almost over, it’s been a success so far, definitely worth repeating next year!
The discount code is ‘SALE 2013′ enjoy!

Next Template in the Making

February sale! All templates 50% off starting February 1st until February 28th!
Its After Effects Videos first sale!
We hope it will help you through the dark month of February 
On the first of February you will be able to get a ’50% off discount code’ right here on the site. With that code you will be able to get 50% off all templates for the whole month of February!

Happy New Year from After Effects Videos!
A happy new year to all our customers and visitors! 2012 was a great year and we are going full speed ahead in 2013! There are some great new templates in the making and we are working on adding some additional features to the site. It will be sweet!
Thanks for using the site and enjoy the new year!

Sneak Peak!!
We are working on a graphic elements kit. It will be a kit full of motion graphic elements you can incorporate in your own projects. It is going to consist of headers, titles, random and fun elements for your own movies. Here are some stills of the work in progress:

Film Grunge Template Top download!

Our template Film Grunge has officially been downloaded more than 45 times! This makes it most downloaded template! Pop open the champagne! You can check it out here.

Everybody Loves Free Stuff! An awesome site with tutorials and all thing after effects. They have a great light leaks pack. It’s a collection of footage of light leaks you can use as overlays on top of your own footage.

Besides the light leaks they have some great color correction packs for After Effects. They have a vintage look pack and a cinepack. Both created with tools that come standard in After Effects. It’s great if you are looking to get some quick looks for your project and you don’t feel like designing your own look.
Check it out and while you are there look at all the other great stuff they have!

Some great new templates available!
Wedding Template and Urban Vibes. Both these templates feature some 3D elements out of Cinema 4D. They are both easy to edit in After Effects and render quickly.
Urban Vibes our latest and greatest! A city made in cinema 4D mixed with some After Effects assets. This template is also featured on Revostock as an other After Effects Videos Editors Choice file!

Our first wedding template. Again some cinema 4D work and some after effects compositing!. This template remains customizable is After Effects, even though the files are made in Cinema 4D, you are still able to edit the background color and the color of the frames! (and the pictures and text of course)

The 2012 Showreel is here!
Check it out here!

Here is a preview of the up and coming template! This template is out, have a look at it here. I’ve been digging the 3D stuff lately so Ive decided to add some more 3d based stuff to the mix!
But first a little something I’m working on. All Cinema 4D!

The next one is a little opener also made in Cinema 4D.
Check it out here!

After Effects Templates basically are Adobe After Effects project files. They are awesome and you might just need one (or two..).
Adobe After Effects is a program to create stunning video intro’s, title sequences and motion graphics. So here is the scenario: you have an awesome company or product and all you need to get things rolling is a cool video to promote you product or business. Usually the thing to do is hire a design agency or a freelancer to come up with a great video, custom made for what you want. Well that sounds good and all but the problem is ….. $$$. A custom made video or motion graphic will cost you small (or big) fortune. Now thats were after effects templates come in!
Read more…


It’s been a while but I recently did a cool personal project on Suprematism.
Suprematism was an art movement, focused on basic geometric forms, such as circles, squares, lines, and rectangles, painted in a limited range of colors. It was founded by Kazimir Malevich in Russia, in 1915. The term suprematism refers to an art based upon “the supremacy of pure artistic feeling” rather than on visual depiction of objects.
Read More…


And its almost done 
The site has been in the making for quite a while and we are almost
ready to go. says: ‘hello world’!

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Post by Heyro on Sun 23 Feb 2014, 9:31 pm

Underground Development After Effects Template- 5 Dollar template
Downloaded 17 times

Vertical Scroll After Effects Template $30
Downloaded 28 times

Digital Content After Effects Template $35
Downloaded 16 times

Business Profile After Effects Template – 5 Dollar Template
Downloaded 14 times

Company Profile After Effects Template – 5 Dollar template
Downloaded 12 times

Glitch Track After Effects Template $ 35
Downloaded 14 times

Grid Design After Effects Template $25
Downloaded 7 times

Industrial Film Grunge $35 After Effects Template
Downloaded 45 times

Urban Vibes After Effects Template $30
Downloaded 21 times

Wedding After Effects Template $40
Downloaded 12 times

Kinetics Typography After Effects Template $30
Downloaded 39 times

3D Logo Opener After Effects Template $12
Downloaded 20 times

Twilight Frames After Effects Template $25
Downloaded 15 times

Iridescent Frames After Effects Template $40
Downloaded 15 times

Motion Graphic Template After Effects Template – 5 Dollar Template
Downloaded 11 times

Film Grunge After Effects Template $35
Downloaded 61 times

Stop Motion After Effects Template $30
Downloaded 12 times

Business Presentation $15
Downloaded 11 times

Motion Tracking After Effects Template $25
Downloaded 18 times

Retro After Effects Template $27
Downloaded 14 times

Typography After Effects Template $45
Downloaded 51 times

Night Driving After Effects Template $30
Downloaded 7 times

Music After Effects Template $30
Downloaded 33 times

Laptop After Effects Template $30
Downloaded 7 times

Hands Over After Effects Template 2
Sold Exclusively

Typography After Effects Template 1 $40
Downloaded 43 times

Ink Drops After Effects Template $30
Downloaded 21 times

Surf After Effects Template $20
Downloaded 23 times

Magic Hands After Effects Template $45
Downloaded 37 times

Movie Trailer After Effects Template $25
Downloaded 2 times

Planets Template $25
Downloaded 3 times

3D-Typography After Effects Template – 5 dollar template
Downloaded 3 times

Fly Boxes After Effects Template $20
Downloaded 4 times

Text Shatter $15
Downloaded 6 times

Particular Strings $17
Downloaded 7 times

Metal Logo Trailer FREE
Downloaded 14 times

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