Pick for 5/13: Below Average Items (new) & Darnellify (new)

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Pick for 5/13: Below Average Items (new) & Darnellify (new)

Post by Riko on Mon 11 Jun 2012, 2:59 pm

Pick for 5/13: Below Average Items (new) & Darnellify (new)

Below Average Items:

Do you have trouble remembering exactly which items you need to upgrade still in order to raise your average item level? How many times have you viewed the tooltip of each item you have equipped, compared it to your average and then compared each item together? Now you don't have to! With Below Average Items you can see at a glance which items are holding down your average item level and which has the lowest item level of all.

Take away the headache of upgrading your gear and download this addon here.


Are you a fan of the machinima show BlizzBlues on Gamebreaker.TV? Or perhaps you feel that WoW is missing a little personality... Well, thanks to Maziel and Mike B you can get your Darnell fix and spice up your gameplay!

For previous Picks of the Week, visit our PotW archive forum.

Are you the author of a mod that you think belongs in this spotlight? Just upload/update it to WoWInterface, and it will automatically be considered for that week's Pick. 🆒

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