Sound effects in Sony Vegas

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Sound effects in Sony Vegas

Post by Heyro on Wed 22 Feb 2012, 2:43 am

Hello Today will be a lesson to demonstrate how the sound effects in Vegas. Sony Vegas Pro software contains a large number of sound effects, you can use to adjust the sound as a separate audio clip or audio track and make a special sound coloration. In previous versions of Sony Vegas Pro sound effect can be applied only to the entire audio track as a whole (the effect is automatically applied to all sound clips, located on the track) that was not always convenient. In Sony Vegas Pro 10 for the first time introduced the possibility of using sound effects to a single audio clip.

As an example, let's strengthen the bass accompanied by music of our film. For this we use a filter Graphic EQ (graphic equalizer). A. Click on the icon Event FX (Effect of the clip) on the right side of your audio clip in the timeline. A window will appear Plug-In Chooser (Filter selection).

In the Plug-In Chooser (Filter selection) is a list of all available in the program Vegas sound effects. The effects are arranged in folders. A list of these folders you see in the left side of the Plug-In Chooser (Filter selection).

In the folder All (All) contain all the sound effects, set in the program. In your Sony - the effects of company Sony, in your Third Party - the effects of third-party (not a secret that in Vegas you can install additional sound effects, designed by other companies). The folder contains the 5.1 FX sound effects, which are intended for use in projects with sound 5.1.

Two. Click on the folder All (All) in the left side of the Plug-In Chooser (Filter selection). In the main part of the window displays a list of all installed sound effects.

Three. In the effects list, locate and select the filter Graphic EQ (graphic equalizer).

4. Click Add (Add) in the right side of the Plug-In Chooser (Filter selection), and then - click OK. Window Plug-In Chooser (Filter selection) will close and you will see a dialog box Audio Event FX (filter sound clip).

The contents of windows Audio Event FX (filter sound clip) depends on the type applied to the audio clip filter. All filters have different parameters, so the set of controls in a window Audio Event FX (filter sound clip) for different filters, different.

Graphic equalizer in the program Sony Vegas Pro 10 can be presented in three versions. Options are selected using the tabs at the bottom of the Audio Event FX (filter sound clip). You can use the settings on any tab, it depends on your preferences. On the tab Envelope
(Envelope) frequency characteristic of sound is configured by creating an envelope. On the other tabs, each frequency band is adjusted via a single slider. The only difference in the number of regulators, and hence in the number of adjustable frequency bands. Clearly, the twenty-band equalizer allows you to fine tune the timbre of sound. However, in our case this accuracy to anything, so we select 10 Band (10 pages).

A. In the Audio Event FX (filter sound clip) tab 10 Band (10 pages). The contents of the window will be changed.

Now in the Audio Event FX (filter sound clip) has 11 sliders, 10 of which are designed to adjust the level in each of the ten frequency bands. To enhance the bass should be left to shift a few sliders up.

Two. Move three left slider, as shown in the figure below.

Without closing the window Audio Event FX (filter sound clip), play the movie. Note that the bass in the music accompanied the film increased. You can adjust the audio directly while playing a movie. It should be borne in mind that after adjusting for changes in those or other settings may occur with a small delay (1-2 seconds).

Note, changing the audio filters in time (in other words the animation settings) is not provided. At the bottom of the Audio Event FX (filter sound clip) is missing the timeline button and Animate (Animation). But in most cases it is not necessary.

Three. Close the Audio Event FX (filter sound clip).

By the same clip, you can apply multiple audio filters. Prietom audio processing will be executed sequentially. For example, if you apply a filter Graphic EQ (Graphic Equalizer), and then Chorus (choir), the sound is first processed by an equalizer, and then to be applied to the processed sound effect mimicking the chorus. Therefore, in some cases, a different order of the same sound effects can lead to a different sound.

The rest of the sound filters are applied in a similar way.

Filter is applied to the clip you can also temporarily disable without deleting it. To do this, the effect on the button at the top of the screen Audio Event FX (filter sound clip), uncheck the box. The effect will be muted, but it will not be removed from the clip. Survives all filter settings, so you can re-activate the filter by selecting the appropriate button.

Sound filters in Sony Vegas Pro
Here is a list of Dumb audio filters built into the program Sony Vegas Pro:

Amplitude Modulation (Amplitude Modulation). Modulates the amplitude of the sound, creating the effect of fluctuations in the volume at a given frequency. Most often used for painting the sound of various musical instruments.
Chorus (choir). Creates the effect of the choir.
Distortion (Distortion). Enhances the dynamic range while limiting its amplitude. The effect is used mainly for coloring playing musical instruments, in particular, the electric guitar.
Noise Gate (Squelch). Filter to suppress noise in the pauses. With this filter, indeed, possible to reduce the noise but you should bear in mind that in certain settings, the filter can be "cut off" a certain frequency range by changing the timbre of the sound.
Pan (Panorama). With this filter set view, in other words, stereo balance.
Parametric EQ (Parametric EQ). The parametric equalizer allows to adjust the frequency response (in other words, the timbre) in particular given frequency range (as opposed to a graphic equalizer, regulating sound in several frequency bands).
Pitch Shift (Lower / raise the tone.) The filter allows you to raise or lower the tone of the sound, simply put, to make the sound higher or lower.
Reverb (reverb). The reverb effect is often used to simulate the sound in different places (in the lobby, hall, room). Reverberation, in fact, it echoes with a delay echo.
Simple Delay (Simple echo). This is a normal echo. Duration, delay, echo and volume can be adjusted.
Time stretch (Stretch the time). With this filter, you can increase or decrease the duration of the sound clip. By increasing the duration of the sound, the sound is slowed down, and vice versa.
We have listed only a few filters that can be applied to audio clips or tracks. Note that, despite the fact that the program Sony Vegas Pro contains all the necessary tools for sound editing and correction, in some cases you may need to fine tune the parameters and properties of sound. In this case, you can take advantage of special programs, known as sound editors, such as Sony Sound Forge. This program has an interface similar to Vegas, in addition, it has low system resources. Sony Sound Forge software allows you to not only edit and mix different audio files, and create your own using the built in application generators.

The material is difficult, but I think that for many would be useful. Today, everything. Good luck, friends!

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