Flekz 7 - Death's a Beach

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Flekz 7 - Death's a Beach

Post by ICONSKATER on Mon 18 Apr 2011, 3:56 pm

Movie Summary

Hi everybody,

so as you can see I actually worked on a new movie, even though Flekz 6 was originally supposed to be the last one.
The thing is that right after Flekz 6 an amazing story for a sequel came to my mind (definetly more machinima with few pvp scenes) and I started working. Bizzlesnaff (Ready to Die, Six Silent Shadows...) and Tharbad (Saru & Tharbad Frostmage 2v2...) were planned in as important characters to the story and they also already delivered some nice pvp scenes (thanks and sorry guys!).
The ironic is that this one was by far my best movie concept ever, with a nice story (+plot twist in the end) interesting guest stars and even better editing and at the same time my motivation sank steadily and so did my actual ingame-time.
So while I'm absoluteley sure I would never ever have finished this project, I also feel that the hard work that went into those 10 minutes or so would be wasted if I wouldn't show it to anybody, so I just uploaded it, maybe some of you like it although it's unfinished.

Have a good time ingame & at wcm



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Re: Flekz 7 - Death's a Beach

Post by sciss on Tue 10 May 2011, 7:06 pm

Flekz , A good player fire mage :;):

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