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Fasten a fast Upcoming Block and Consecration Effect Changes

on Sat Jun 09, 2018 12:37 pm
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Blizzard is considering a change to Block, for all classes, where it does not share DR with base armor. The next build should also increase the value of Consecration's effect from Mastery: Divine Bulwark.

Earlier today Blizzard also announced upcoming changes to Brewmaster Monks, Mistweaver Monks, Retribution Paladins, and Marksmanship Hunters. Get Battle for Azeroth news updates instantly in your Discord server with the Wowhead News Webhook!

We are looking at a change to Block (for all classes), where it would not share DR with your base armor. This won't be in the next build though.

The next build will slightly increase the value of the Consecration effect from Mastery: Divine Bulwark. There's a disadvantage to having the mastery split between two effects, where each is weaker than it otherwise would be. But we also want to be careful with making Consecration's damage reduction too strong, where the damage swing in stepping in/out of it might be uncomfortable again.
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