Wow Model Viewer latest version V0.7.0.1-r500 Wascally Wabbit

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Wow Model Viewer latest version V0.7.0.1-r500 Wascally Wabbit

Post by December Wiklund on Sat 05 Mar 2011, 8:14 am

[ Wow Model Viewer - Google Code ]
Perfection of the NGA program has Chuanhsing vest (UID: 1235900), the time to remember to enjoy the results of worship it.

1. I am a 3D blind, so any processing software, 3D models knew nothing about what the most annoying of the Maya.
2. I am a blind programmer, so the source is unknown what the ... ...
3. I am an amateur translation, so what is the translation of the term does not please forgive me, and look forward to tuning your advice.
4. in the development version does not Changelog, so I want to download directly to the distribution point to download, here is not being updated.
Information on the current system for testing
Operating system:
Windows 7 Ultimate, 32-bit
World of Warcraft version:
Taiwan Service 4.0.3;
WMV version:
v0.7.01-r500, 32 bit;
No Mac test machine, so the Mac version does not consider.

The latest version

Wow Model Viewer updated to v0.7.01-r500, the current version of the name Wascally Wabbit.

[ Wow Model Viewer v0.7.01-r500,Archive 32 ]
[ Wow Model Viewer v0.7.01-r500,Archive 64 ]


* Added loading the title screen.
* Installation program associated with (before). Chr files and custom icons.
* Added 48x48 version for the MAC icons.
* Increase in the version name, is available on the menu on the options (About - About) in view.
* LWO export tool
o M2 model support the weight of the initial mapping, the subsidiary model being invalid. Known BOG: not all points have the right to re-mapping.
o new scene export tool. Allows you to export scenes to add more content.
o No parent bone will default to non-activity.
o Export now supports the weight of the skeleton map. No right to the bone remap the default inactive.
* Development
o Windows executable files are under the renamed wowmodelview32.exe and wowmodelview64.exe.
o FBX export tool in some of the functions transferred to the lead out of the tool.

The following is a list of changes:
- Fixed the OBJ format to export tools and MilkShape.
- Patch-3.mpq read from the file will be marked as green. If not, please set the option in the removal and re-load the MPQ file list, or manually add Patch-3.MPQ and arbitrary Patch-XXX-3.MPQ.
- Export tool to add a "using the current position / orientation of the option.
-M2 angle files available again, and can be exported.

GIF export tool updates:
- The tool was renamed to "GIF / Sequence Export".
- You can now export the PNG sequence.
- Export PNG, the transparency option will automatically open to the eight channels into a single-channel transparency. PNG can fix most of the export problems.

LightWave export tool updates:
- Export of M2 does not contain any data if the file will export a scene file.
- Export of the M2 file can contain view files.
- You can now export the perspective of the action.
-M2 can choose to export the model in the scene, and in the current WowModelViewer position and angle.

OBJ Export Tool update:
-M2 model name will be used to derive the actual texture map, that modelname_body.tga type.

MilkShape Export Tool update:
- With the OBJ export tool.

3DS Export Tool update:
- Ibid. (Sic, not me lazy)

The following is the development of class updates, temporarily translation.
- (Dev Work) Added a function to determine M2 Texture names.
- (Dev Work) Logs from Model Exports will now be more helpful.
- (Dev Work) Fixed some wide-char issues.
- (Dev Work) Added new icon to CMake file.
- (Dev Work) Added Intel Definitions for OSX to CMake file.
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