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Class Changes in Battle for Azeroth Empty Class Changes in Battle for Azeroth

on Fri Jun 15, 2018 2:40 am
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In Battle for Azeroth, the upcoming WoW expansion following Legion, all playable classes have received a significant update. Many abilities removed with the mass prune from Legion as well as past expansions are back! In this overview, we'll highlight all class abilities, as well as new, changed, or removed talents. Grey to green text indicate changes between Legion and the current version of Battle for Azeroth; more information can be found by going to the Changelog within the relevant spell page. Keep in mind that information is largely derived from the tooltips, so typographical errors may be intentional to match.

Some notable overall changes:
  • Individual buttons for Druid travel forms.
    • Each individual Druid travel form now has its own passive ability, meaning druids can glyph different forms for each of their travel forms.
  • Arcane Torrent and Every Man for Himself changed.
    • Two of the strongest racial effects have received changes in BfA, with Arcane Torrent receiving a new effect and added to the GCD and Every Man for Himself having its cooldown increased.
  • The majority of class cooldowns have been added to the GCD.
    • Abilities that are in the Global Cooldown, or GCD, cannot be used at the same time, meaning you must wait for the default GCD, 1.5s reduced by haste, until you can use your next ability.
    • Before BfA, many abilities were called "off-GCD" as you could two or more of them at the same time, even in the same button macro. For BfA, Blizzard started to reduce to amount of abilities in this state.
  • All melee abilities now scale with both Attack Power and Weapon Damage.
    • The actual ability damage formula for all non-casters has changed, and now all those abilities use both weapon damage and attack power, even abilities like Shield Slam or Howling Blast.
    • This appears to be intended to create a better balance between classes, rather than some favoring weapons heavily ( Warrior), while others hardly at all ( Monk).
  • Bleed and Poison ticks now scale with Haste.
    • Bleeds and poisons from Hunter, Rogue, and Warrior were the only over time effects not affected by haste, which is being changed in Battle for Azeroth.
  • Hunter pets have set specializations, which offer different types of utility, and several pet families have changed specs.
    • Hunter pets are receiving an overhaul in BfA to improve their utility and streamline their usability.
  • Battle for Azeroth has a huge stat and ilvl squish.
    • Battle for Azeroth implements the second stat squish for World of Warcraft, two expansions after the Warlords of Draenor Squish.
    • Unlike Warlords, Battle for Azeroth will also have an item level squish, changing the item level previously found on classic items as well.

      Class Changes in Battle for Azeroth Screen10

      Blood Death Knight   Apply Aura: Modifies Damage/Healing Done by 15% 29%.
  • Blood Boil   Deals (375%30% of Attack power) Shadow damage.
  • Dancing Rune Weapon   Summons a rune weapon for 8 sec that mirrors your melee attacks and bolsters your defenses.
    While active, you gain 40% parry chance.
    Cooldown changed from 3 min cooldown to 2 min cooldown
  • Death and Decay   Blood: Corrupts the targeted ground, causing iffmod">28.62%[color=#66ff33]3.6036% of Attack power) * 11] Shadow damage over 10 sec to targets within the area.
    While you remain within the area, your Heart Strike will hit up to 3 additional targets.
  • Death's Caress   Reach out with necrotic tendrils, dealing (90%14.742% of Attack power) Shadow damage and applying Blood Plague to your target.
  • Gorefiend's Grasp   Shadowy tendrils coil around all enemies within 2015 yards of a hostile or friendly target, pulling them to the target's location.
  • Heart Strike   Instantly strike the target and 1 other nearby enemy, causing 203%24.219% of Attack Power Physical damage, and reducing enemies' movement speed by 50%20% for 8 sec.
    Generates 5 bonus runic power.
  • Icebound Fortitude   Your blood freezes, granting immunity to Stun effects and reducing all damage you take by 20%30% for 8 sec.
  • Marrowrend   Smash the target, dealing 315%37.557% of Attack Power Physical damage and generating 3 charges of Bone Shield.
    Bone Shield: Surrounds you with a barrier of whirling bones, reducing all damage you take by 16% and increasingincreasing Armor by (40 * Strength / 100), and your Haste by 10%. Each melee swingattack against you consumes a charge. Lasts 30 sec or until all charges are consumed.
  • Mastery: Blood Shield   Each time you heal yourself with Death Strike, you gain 12%12.0% of the base amount healed as a Physical damage absorption shield.
    Also increases your attack power by 8.0%.
  • Veteran of the Third War   Increases StaminaStamina increased by 50% and Armor by 15%.increased by 20%.


    Class Changes in Battle for Azeroth Screen11


    REMOVED Blood Mirror   Afflict an enemy with Blood Mirror for 10 sec.  While active, 20% of any damage dealt to you is redirected to the target.
  • REMOVED Blood Tap   Consume shadowy essence.
    Generates 1 Rune.
    Maximum 2 charges.
    the essence around you to generate 1 Rune.
    Recharge time reduced by 2 sec whenever a Bone Shield charge is consumed.
  • REMOVED Heart of Ice   Death Strike extends the duration of Icebound Fortitude by 2 sec.
  • REMOVED March of the Damned   Wraith Walk lasts 100% longer and breaks stun, snare, and root effects when cast.
  • REMOVED Spectral Deflection (NYI/TBD)   Attacks that deal more than 25% of your maximum health will consume an additional Bone Shield charge to further reduce the damage.
  • REMOVED (Spell #206960)   Enemies damaged by your Death and Decay have a chance to cower in place for 3 sec, but cannot suffer from this effect more than once per 10 sec. Damage may cancel the effect.


    NEW Consumption   Strikes all enemies in front of you with a hungering attack that deals (40% of Attack power)% Physical damage and heals you for 100% of that damage.
    Tier 2 Talent
  • NEW Grip of the Dead   Defile/Death and Decay reduces the movement speed of enemies within its area by 90%, decaying by 10% every sec.
    Tier 3 Talent
  • NEW Hemostasis   Each enemy hit by Blood Boil increases the damage and healing done by your next Death Strike by 8%, stacking up to 5 times.
    Tier 2 Talent
  • NEW Rune Strike   Strike the target for (60% of Attack power) Physical damage.
    Cooldown reduced by 1 sec for every Rune you spend.
    Generates 1 Rune.
    Tier 1 Talent
  • NEW Voracious   Death Strike grants you 15% Leech for 6 sec.
    Tier 6 Talent
  • NEW Wraith Walk   Sidestep into the Shadowlands, removing all root effects and increasing your movement speed by 70% for 4 sec. Taking any action cancels the effect.
    While active, your movement speed cannot be reduced below 170%.Lasts 3 sec. Any action will cancel the effect.
    Tier 4 Talent
    Cooldown changed from 45 sec to 1 min


    Anti-Magic Barrier   Anti-Magic Shell also increases your maximum health by 25% for 10 sec.Reduces the cooldown of Anti-Magic Shell by 15 sec and increases its duration and amount absorbed by 30%.
    Tier 4 Talent
  • Bloodworms   Your auto attack critical strikesattacks have a chance to summon a Bloodworm.
    Bloodworms deal minor damage to your target for 15 sec and then burst, healing you for 15% of your missing health.
    If you drop below 50% health, your Bloodworms will immediately burst and heal you.
    Tier 6 Talent
  • Bonestorm   A whirl of bone and gore batters nearby enemies, dealing (115.9% 15.2334%of Attack Power) Shadow damage every 1 sec, and healing you for 2%3% of your maximum health every time it deals damage. Lasts 1 sec per 10 Runic Power spent.
  • Foul Bulwark   Each charge of Bone Shield increases your maximum health by 2%1%.
    Tier 3 Talent
  • Mark of Blood   Places a Mark of Blood on an enemy for 2515 sec. The enemy's damaging auto attacks will also heal their victim for 3%2% of the victim's maximum health.
    Tier 6 Talent
    Cooldown changed from None to 6 sec
  • Ossuary   While you have at least 5 Bone Shield charges, the cost of Death Strike is reduced by 5 Runic Power.
    Additionally, your maximum Runic Power is increased by 10.
    Tier 3 Talent
  • Rapid Decomposition   Your Blood Plague and Death and Decay deal damage 15% more often.and while in your Death and Decay you generate 1 Runic Power every 1 sec.
  • Red Thirst   Spending Runic Power will decrease the remainingReduces the cooldown on Vampiric Blood by 1 sec per 610 Runic Power spent.
    Tier 7 Talent
  • Rune Tap   Consume a Rune to reduceReduces all damage taken by 40% for 3 sec30% for 4 sec.
    Tier 4 Talent
  • Tightening Grasp   Reduces the cooldown on Gorefiend's Grasp by 30 sec, and your Death and Decay also reduces the movement speed of enemies within its radius by .
    Tier 5 Talent
  • Tombstone   Consume up to 5 Bone Shield charges. For each charge consumed, you gain 6 Runic Power and absorb damage equal to 6% of your maximum health for 8 sec.
    Blood: Now requires Level 75, up from 60
    Tier 3 Talent
  • Will of the Necropolis   Damage taken below 35% Health is reduced by 35%.
    Tier 4 Talent
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