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Marksmanship Hunter Battle for Azeroth Feedback for June 8th

on Sat Jun 09, 2018 2:24 am
Blizzard has responded to feedback about Marksmanship Hunters. Aimed Shot will have a 2.5 second cast time, and Steady Shot will have a 1.75 second cast time.

Marksmanship Hunters,

Hello again, a few notes this morning.

- Aimed Shot should still be a 12 second recharge time before Haste, I'm unsure why some people are reporting it is showing up as 10 seconds for them. Is this still happening after the build that went up yesterday?

- After lots of discussion and reading feedback and many dungeon runs and raid testing and questing, we have decided that we're going to changed Aimed Shot to 2.5 second cast time, and Steady Shot to 1.75 second cast time.

- Regarding Lone Wolf and Pet Utility, if you have your active pet out, the Command Pet button in your spellbook should change into whatever your pet's special ability is, such as Primal Rage. If you dismiss your pet as a Marksmanship Hunter and opt into Lone Wolf, Command Pet should change into Survival of the Fittest as a cooldown you can use that reduces damage taken on you and your pet by 20%. This looks to have some issues currently, and will be resolved in a future build.

Thanks for the continued feedback on this thread and others.

A quick clarification post because I've seen some confusion:

Lone Wolf will ONLY give you the extra Survival of the Fittest button, regardless of what pet you dismissed to get the Lone Wolf effect. It will not change the ability you get depending on your dismissed pet's specialization.
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